Movie Titles That Don’t Quite Translate Correctly
Marc Gordon - June 21, 2019

When American movies get sent abroad, it’s not always so easy for foreign countries to fully understand the cultural context. They often struggle to have the movie fit into their specific consumer market, and translators often come up with hilarious and totally shocking new names for movies, taking things a little too literally.  Well, all we can do is have a good laugh and appreciate these completely epic titles that are sometimes even better than the originals…



American Pie


Alright, so although anyone who has seen the iconic and hilarious movie American Pie knows what it’s all about, the title didn’t have to give it away that much. We could have watched it and figured out. China, why did you have to be so literal?





 Bad Santa


So Santa is bad this time around. That was made pretty clear in the original title. But perhaps the Czech Republic, or their translating team at least slightly misunderstood and took things too far. Just a thought though.



Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind


Ok, we get it. There’s no denying whatsoever that the title of this movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind’ can be confusing and hard to understand. The language is quite high, especially for a foreigner. But the way that these Italian translators did it is seriously literal, and seriously hilarious.





Puss In Boots


Oh boy. This is one is pretty epic. Israeli movie title translators figured that since this Puss in Boots is in fact that cat of Shrek, our beloved green Ogar, that this title would work. Well, it works more or less, but it’s still pretty off. Better luck next time!






Germany clearly had too much fun while translating the title of Dodgeball for their own audience. Or did they? If they really had no idea, then fine, we will forgive them, and also say thank you for giving us so many reason to laugh.





Knocked Up



China seems to be completely killing it when it comes to terribly translated movie titles. Well done guys! When it comes to the comedy Knocked Up, they sure found a way to say it in more simple and understandable English for their audience. Some people may however think that Katherine Heigl just ate a lot in one night though.