Design Disasters That Escaped A Better Judgement
Claire Miles - November 29, 2018

The art of design is subjective and open to interpretation. Whether its fashion, marketing, home decor, or any other subset of the design field, sometimes well-intentioned designs aren’t always perceived as the designer had intended. Here are some of our favorite and hilarious design fails from around the world that make us really appreciate the value of a second opinion. Enjoy!


Phallic Fashion


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Once you see it, you CANNOT unsee it. Unfortunately, there’s a fashion designer out there who doesn’t have the same dirty mind as the rest of us.




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Hopefully, the customers at this quirky hotdog stand know what they’re in for, because this is one lunch they likely won’t be forgetting anytime soon.


Reflection Inspection


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That poor model had no idea what she was getting herself into. While the ‘reflection effect’ is cool, maybe it only works on *some* words, and not *all* words.


Triple Threat


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Only a monster could have designed this plinko-esque torture device cleverly concealed as child’s play. I’ll take the green slide down, thanks.