Movies to Watch When You Are Feeling Emotional
Claire Miles - October 14, 2022

There have been times when we have felt like crying and just dumping our emotions. However, sometimes our emotions are so controlled that it gets extremely exhausting to find an outlet for them. In such scenarios, watching a sad movie can do wonders. It can act as an excellent way to take out all of your stubborn, inbuilt feelings that are exhausting to eradicate. This article will give you a list of a few movies that you can watch and cry to.

Five Feet Apart
This is a romance movie that hits right on the spot. The movie is an ode to the patients of cystic fibrosis who have to stay apart at all times, particularly five feet apart. The movie stars Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse in the leading roles. The story revolves around how they fall in love with each other but their condition comes in the way of true love.

Me Before You
Me Before You is another romantic drama movie that stars Sam Claffin and Emilia Clark. The story revolves around how the main character experiences a traumatic accident after which he is completely paralyzed. The protagonist is the caretaker who eventually falls in love with him, however, the story takes a cute and unexpected turn. The story is filled with hope, love and joy yet give a strong flavor of death and pain.

The fault in our stars
This movie has been a classic favorite. The movie has witnessed multiple adaptations and was loved by people from all across the world. Moreover, the movie also showed love yet the fear of death and pain. The protagonists are people who have suffered through cancer in their early lives yet when they meet each other, their lives are filled with hope and love until the story takes an unexpected turn.

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