Claire Miles - December 23, 2019

Would you believe it if someone were to tell you that a designer luxury brand began using by-products of food production to create the next it bag? Well, Mulberry has done just that. The brand has launched a new handbag, the Portobello Tote, which they claim is 100% sustainable. Now that sounds like a fashion statement!

The bag retails at £795 and was produced in the luxury fashion label’s carbon-neutral factories in Somerset.All of Mulberry’s UK factories, offices and retail stores became carbon neutral in 2019. They even have plans to expand this measure on a global scale by 2025. Talk about innovation!

The leather used to manufacture the bag is a by-product of food production and comes from a gold-rated tannery. The tannery’s gold rating was awarded by the Leather Working Group, so you know its for real.

They say its all in the details and Mulberry certainly has thought of every detail down to the stitch. The stitching is used with Epic EcoVerde thread, which is made from recycled polyester fibre.

What’s even better? All profits from the sale of the bag will be donated to the World Land Trust, a non-profit environmental organization that was established in the UK 30 years ago.

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