My Little Pony Is Coming Back
Laura Lee - December 17, 2018

Believe it or not, My Little Pony marked it’s 35th anniversary this year.  The best possible way to celebrate is to purchase one of the My Little Pony’s from the new Retro Line.   Basic Fun Toy Company has decided to bring bring all of the Ponies from the ’80s in all of their many colorful and sparkly variations.

Although millennials don’t exactly have a practical use for them really in today’s day in age, it doesn’t make us crave them any less. So if you’re still searching for the perfect holiday gift for a nostalgic female in your life, this might just be it.

My Little Pony was first released in 1983, and ever since they’ve gone through several makeovers.  However, the newest line by Basic Fun has graced us with the original model, and it’s completely epic. If you’re ready for some magical shopping, they can be purchased at Walmart, Target or on Amazon.

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