Nail Polish Will Never Go Out Of Style
Claire Miles - January 1, 2022

Did you say nail polish? Well, I don’t know about you, but this is one of our favorite parts about getting ready. Whether it’s just a manicure or full-out nail art, painting your nails is always fun and relaxing. It takes any outfit to the next level and can really uplift your mood. It’s also nice to see what colors are trending in the fashion world, so we thought it would be fun to dive deep into some nail painting ideas and inspiration for your next mani.

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First, let’s talk about base coats, polish, and topcoats. All of these go on pretty much the same way; they’re just different types of nail enamel that can either be used alone or together. If you use a base coat, it usually goes on first. It protects your nails from the color and also helps to make them look whiter. Next, you can go ahead or choose not to apply a base coat if you’d rather not. Polish is basically just a creamier version of nail enamel that comes in a lot more colors. If you go with polish, it usually goes on next. A topcoat is just another type of nail enamel that helps keep the other coats looking good for longer, so this can be applied either before or after whatever color you choose to use.

Now let’s move on to the actual painting! If you’re doing a manicure, it’s usually best to start with your pinky and work your way up. First, brush the base coat on all of the nails that you’ll be painting (or polish/topcoat if you choose). Then paint one single coat of color and let it dry for a minute or two. If you want to apply another coat, do so after the first has dried. Let it dry for a couple of minutes before applying another coat until you’re satisfied with how it looks. If you want to do nail art (which can be done with or without polish/topcoat), make sure you’ve already applied all of your coats of color. Then, take your dotting tool or nail art brush and work away! Whatever color or design you go for, remember to just have fun with it.

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