Nickelodeon Slime Is Now An Edible Sauce You Can Buy
Laura Lee - June 10, 2018

So remember the good old days when you would watch those awesome Nickelodeon shows such as The Splat and Double Dare and thought to yourself how delicious the slime looked, and how you wished you could eat it all? Of course not. It looked completely disgusting and no one ever thought to eat it.
But although it’s nothing something that we’ve dreamed of eating, Nickelodeon has somehow still managed to get kids to want to eat it. They’ve turned their legendary green slime into Slime Sauce and it’s now being sold at all Walmart locations throughout America.
And it’s not what you think.  In fact it’s ketchup, rather than the terrible sounding picture of oatmeal and pudding that Marc Summers revealed to us.  They’ve taken a standard kitchen staple and turned into something completely new and exciting, yet highly nostalgic.

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