Nickleodeon’s Sock Advent Calender
Laura Lee - November 13, 2018

Let’s be honest. Despite all the gadgets and accessories out there, all we really want for Christmas this year is to go back to the good old days. Back to the time when we didn’t even know what adulting was, to the time when we could watch cartoons all morning while eating Trix cereal.

Nickelodeon’s Sock Advent Calender by Kohl’s is the best way to make this time travel dream a reality (as much as possible).  It counts down the days until Christmas by providing you with a sock for each day with your favorite cartoons of the ’90s.

It comes with a combination of anklets and crew socks, and features all of the most iconic characters.  They’ve also got a calender that’s all Disney princess based, and another that’s all about Mickey Mouse.

Finish off 2018 like a boss with these epic socks, or give the most unique gift to those who are always looking to throw it back this holiday season.

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