Nike Fany Pack Slides
Marc Gordon - June 8, 2018

Looking for the trendiest shoe this season, that’s also comfy and practical? Well, we’ve found the ideal pair for you (or nightmare, depending on how you see it).

It’s the newly released Nike fanny pack slides.  Picture the complete effortlessness and simplicity of pool slides, combined with the waist-circling bag. It makes for a truly one-of-a-kind look, and if you’re gutsy enough and have a good sense of humor, then these were made just for you.

It’s ideal for music festival goers that don’t want to be bothered by closed shoes, or by having something around their waists.  There’s three color combos, a lime green with a turquoise fanny pack, a black footbed with a bright pink fanny pack, and black on black for those with more simple taste.

There’s been no official release date yet, but the plan is for them to hit Nike stores soon, and they are oh so ’90s. We’re in love.

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