Nina Dobrev Gets Sweet And Stylish
Laura Lee - June 14, 2020

It really doesn’t get sweeter and more stylish than actress Nina Dobrev in her most recent bikini Instagram post. After an intense and breathtaking hike through the Red Rocks of Utah, she went for a refreshing swim in the serene waters of Lake Powell, seeking some relaxation this past Memorial Day weekend, that she clearly was able to achieve just that. The actress was kind enough to share her experience with her fans on social media, and not only was her Same Los Angeles high-waisted black and white gingham print bikini totally on point, but her pineapple inspired pool float by FUNBOY was possibly even cuter.   

Ok, well they were both super cute, to be honest, and the combination was absolutely iconic. We also loved seeing her in her element having such a great time. Needless to say, we’re totally in love with her look and her Instagram post and are feeling seriously inspired. Her bikini post served as a great reminder that summer has arrived and that it’s time to pull out our best summer pieces, putting our winter sweatsuits and pajamas in storage until further notice. 

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For the record, Nina Dobrev is actually known to have a passion for gingham swimsuits, and she also recently posted another throwback picture of herself on Instagram, wearing a seriously flattering one-piece gingham that was the exact same black and white hue as her Lake Powell bikini, posing together with some adorable penguins in South Africa (Instagram game strong). Her sweet and stylish post received close to one million likes, and hundreds of thousands of comments too with fans sharing their love. If you’re looking to be just as trendy as Nina Dobrev, then you’ll be pleased to know that gingham patterns are everywhere to be seen this summer, in all shapes, sizes, and styles. 

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