Nostalgic Activities To Keep You Busy Right Now
Andrew Parker - May 16, 2020

Even the most creative and resourceful people have had to think outside the box for new ways to spend their free time at home right now. On top of working from home, taking part in video chats with friends, and going to the grocery store, there are still 24 hours in a day that need to be spent in the best way possible.  Many of us have even been staying by our parents, which also means that it’s the ultimate time to get nostalgic, and find some hidden treasures from back in the day, reminding you of the hobbies you once loved. 

Not knowing how long we’re going to be stuck at home for also means the whole situation much harder, but by filling up your time with your childhood activities, you’re sure to get through this without suffering too much. So for starters, how about those Scoobie Doos? And no, we’re not talking about the cartoon dog, but those keychains you used to make with plastic strings, known by some as gimp. If this creative idea speaks to you, then you’ll surely be pleased to hear you can order the string on eBay.  But if you’re looking for a little more responsibility right now while at home, then how about raising a Tamagotchi once again? They are still available today in the cutest patterns and colors, and could really use your love. 

Making friendship bracelets are another hobby from the past that would surely make for a great past-time right now. Even if your bestie can’t physically be with you physically at the moment, taking part in some old habits can help bring you two closer.  And what about Hama beads? Remember all the incredible things you once made by placing beads on the pegs and then ironing them? From animals to cars and all kinds of crazy things, it was the ultimate way to unleash your creativity.  With all things being said, while scrolling through your Instagram feed endlessly and bingeing on Netflix is great – nostalgia always wins. 

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