*NSYNC Claims They Were Better Than The Backstreet Boys
Alexandra Wade - March 28, 2018

The ’90s, as glorious as they were, was also a rather troubling time. Everywhere we turned, people were aiming to create some debate. They simply could not just enjoy the pop music, they always had to put bands up against each other.

When NSYNC came into the pop music world, we were all confronted with choosing a side. Would we be loyal to The Backstreet Boys, or would be allow ourselves to fall in love with the new group, NSYNC?

Truth be told, both bands were incredibly talented and we would all switch between It’s Gonna Be Me and Quit Playing Games With My Heart without telling our friends.  The groups themselves claimed that they got along just fine and did not believe that this big debate between who was better really existed. But recently, things got heated.

NSYNC, in a 20th anniversary interview, the members appeared to have some interesting opinions and perhaps skewed memories of really was back in the day.  In the interview, they began by saying that they had no resentment towards other boy bands, meaning the Backstreet Boys most obviously, and that the competition was healthy.

But that’s exactly when took things took a twist. JC Chasez tried to stay calm and collected, but Joey Fatone then took the friendly competition a step further, saying that there’s nothing wrong with friendly competition, although they (NSYNC) are of course better than other boy bands.

What? Ever heard of that thing called sportsmanship Joey? That’s not very friendly to your fellow boy bands.  Chris Kirkpatrick quickly jumped in, trying to save the disaster at hand that Fatone had created.  Kirkpatrick explains that there wasn’t a competition, they just always aimed to be the best.

Ok, sure try to play it off NSYNC. Just know that we’re onto you.  Every band has their strengths and weaknesses, but they could have at least pretended to value your competition, and allows your fans to decide who is best.   So it’s up to you, who is better? Or maybe it’s okay to love both equally!

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