Nsync Member Admits To Hooking Up With A Spice Girl
Laura Lee - May 11, 2018

It feels like it’s been an actual eternity since we’ve seen NSYNC, one of the biggest and best boy bands to ever exist perform. It’s been an entire 16 years since they stopped performing, and 10 years since they announced that it would stay this way.

Although they’ve kept themselves out of the spotlight as a group, they have all been focused on their own careers and have been keeping themselves busy.  The group made a guest appearance/ reunion on The Ellen Show and played a game of Never Have I Ever.   And as it turns out, our guy Justin Timberlake admitted on TV that he in fact has hooked up with a Spice Girl.

They continued on quickly, since Timberlake is now a married man and most likely didn’t want to discuss his romantic past in public. But now we’re all dying to know which lucky Spice Girl it was!

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