*NSYNC’s New Homeware Line
Andrew Parker - October 29, 2018

We never thought the day would come, but well it did. *NSYNC has recently released a new line! They’ve named it the *NYSNC Capsule Collection: Vol.2. Yep, it’s actually their second one this year! Clearly, the first was a great success.

Since all of us who once loved the adorable and talented boy band has now slightly grown up, the collection is filled with adult friendly items such as homeware and baby items, including wine glasses, welcome mats, and mugs.  Even if we haven’t yet become home-owners we can all still use a cute coaster here and there, right?

And if you know anyone with a baby, their ”it’s gonna be poop” onesie is totally hilarious, and makes for the perfect nostalgic gift for your childhood friend that shared your love of these pop stars.

The group announced their new collection on their official Instagram face on October 18th, and it will only be available for purchase for a limited time, so you better get shopping…

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