Oh My Disney’s 90’s Collection
Marc Gordon - October 18, 2018

If you’re looking for a Monday pick-me-up, early morning pick-me-up, or just some super exciting news, we’ve got you covered.  And it comes in a very nostalgic form: Disney’s Oh My Disney’s ’90s Flashback Collection.

It’s an epic collection of a wide variety of accessories, apparel, home decor and dishware that will take you all the way back to your favorite decade when you were watching classic Disney movies while eating chicken fingers off of a plastic Disney plate.

No matter what your favorite Disney movie, princess, or overall character is, this new collection has got you covered, with something for everyone. From little Mermaid clutches and Ariel leggings, to Aladdin denim jackets, this collection will surely have us all spending our savings..

We promise you it’s worth every penny, because we all know – there’s no price on nostalgia.

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