Old Fashioned Ways To Connect
Laura Lee - April 24, 2018

It can be rather ironic to think about the fact that in a modern world that is centered around being constantly connected, we may even need to make more of an effort than before to actually stay connected to our friends and family.  We of course all have smartphones that allow us access to the people we know instantaneously, but there’s something about old-fashioned methods of communication that simply can’t be beat.

Back in the day,  people did not simply assume that their friends saw their post on Instagram, or read their Facebook event invitation.  If a connection was to be made, both sides needed to reach out. We had to actually show up and hear people’s voices. What a concept, right?

This is exactly where we can bring back all the fun traditions we used to have while growing up. There are tons of ways to reach out to the people we care about, that shouldn’t simply be historical practices.

For starters, we should go back to the times when we would invite friends over, for no reason whatsoever.  Today, we often feel like get-togethers are a much bigger deal than they really are.  We think that if guests come over, we need to clean up the entire house, prepare a fancy meal and even a have a theme for the event.  With this being said, it never actually happens because it’s too much effort. The thought itself is just too tiring.

That’s why we need to take a blast into the past, and start inviting our friends over again, with the sole purpose of just being together and enjoying connecting.  We should also not be afraid to arrive unannounced at a friend’s house.  They might be in shock at first, but they will surely appreciate the unexpected surprise.  Bringing some goodies is always a good idea too.

Another old fashioned method of connecting that needs to be brought back is mailing out hand-written notes.  It’s a beautiful way to show people how much we really care about them.  The hand-written note is pretty much dead with all the emails and texts we now send. But if you take the time to send a hand-written note, it will not go forgotten.

Making a phone call is also a wonderful way to show what a true friend you are in this modern age. It’s got that old school charm, and can really make someones day.

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