Original American Girl Dolls Worth
Laura Lee - November 19, 2018

Growing up, there was probably more than just one doll that you dreamed of having and begged your parents for (despite telling them that this was the one you needed more than anything in the world).

There were Barbie dolls, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and then there were American Girl Dolls, which seemed to be the fanciest and most desirable dolls of all.  Of course they were rather expensive, especially at the time, but if you managed to convince your parents to get you one for your birthday, you were left one seriously happy child.

They came out in 1986, and were accompanied with story books that taught us about important women throughout history.  We were able to purchase cute outfits for our dolls to match up to the stories, and overtime, many of us developed collections of these dolls.

Nowadays, these dolls are worth a whole lot more than we once paid for them, and are considered a rare collectors item.   For example, the 1986 version of Samantha (with all of her accessories) goes for a whopping $1,299 dollars, making her the most pricy doll.

The collection of the original four dolls can be purchased also for a hefty $1,250, however is more value for money, and includes all of their original accessories, other than the penny from Samantha’s purse.  However, there are some other models that are sold for more affordable prices, ranging from $225-290 as well.

If you aren’t super attached to your doll, then these nostalgic items can get you some big bucks.

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