Outfit Building
Marc Gordon - June 26, 2023

Everyday we get up and spend a good portion of our day trying to make ourselves look presentable in the outside world. We go through entire skincare routines, put serums in our hair, and then stand in front of our wardrobe, trying to pick out the perfect outfit for the day. A major part of how we look everyday depends on how balanced our outfit is, whether we’ve paid enough attention to both halves of our body, and not dressed up one half to look amusingly different from the other. To avoid this, many things should be taken into account.

Firstly, we should always take a step back and reconsider the dress code we have to abide by. This seems like an obvious step, but often we end up becoming stubborn and insist on revolving our look around one piece of clothing we impulsively chose because it looked nice. A flowy silk dress shirt that we can style with the top buttons open seems great for a hot summer day, but it’s not a great option for a formal setting.

Getty Images/ DigitalVision/ Morsa Images

Another thing to keep in mind is accessories. While our outfit itself may look great with a gorgeous dress and a good pair of block heels, it’s not quite enough. A simple pair of stockings can do a lot in terms of leveling up a look, and along with a pendant and a watch, the look would feel more complete.

However, this is where many people go wrong. Rather than grabbing their bags and leaving their home, they find another necklace they really love, and then a bracelet given to them by a close friend, and then new rings they bought the other day. In a few minutes, they go from a graceful, minimalist appearance, to looking like a very shiny mannequin. Sometimes, it is good to remember that less is more.

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