Pac Man Wet n’ Wild Collection
Claire Miles - July 4, 2019

Any video game fan or ‘90s lover will surely go crazy about the new Wet N Wild Pac Man makeup collection, and will also surely be taken right back to those epic nights at the arcade watching that little yellow creature perform it’s magic.


It’s one of the most adorable and nostalgic collaborations yet…. 


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The collection has got the most ideal makeup products for summer out there, and literally brings the arcade to the palette. It’s a palette that will take you on a walk down memory lane, and will offer you some seriously supercharged colors options – whether your look may be bold, bright and out there, or even a more natural one. 


The product itself is surely desirable, however what really makes it stand out is the unique packaging – filled with small ghosts, oranges, cherries, and of course the legendary yellow Pac-Man too. Who’s ready? 

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