Pajamas Were The Best Thing Ever
Claire Miles - October 17, 2018

There’s no doubt in the world that the 90s were an epic decade.   From the movies, TV shows, the music, the toys, the candies, there was no shortage of incredible products.  One of these memorable 90s products were pajamas…

They were one of the best things to have ever existed (if not, the best). We’ve never been more cozy since. Whether we wore them to a sleepover party, or to watch weekend cartoons and eat sugary cereal, pajamas were always acceptable, and in fact were basically the dress code back then.

Sometimes they were so comfortable and oversized that it was like wearing a big fleece garbage back.  We loved getting matching sets with our siblings and best friends, and it made us feel so incredibly special and fashionable.

Our 90s pajamas were so comfy that we literally could have fallen asleep anywhere with them. Our parents knew what they were doing when they bought them for us, knowing that they wouldn’t have to waste their time trying to get us to sleep.

Of course they still probably make pajamas for kids, even for adults as well, but it will never come with the same carefree feeling that it once did.

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