Peanut Butter Pie Oreos
Claire Miles - January 22, 2019

January can be a tough month. It’s the start of the New Year and we’re all still feeling down that we didn’t have the crazy New Year’s start that we had hoped for. Well, no need to fret even a second longer, because Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreos are here to save the day and make all of your worries go away in the sweetest and most nostalgic way possible…

And what’s even more exciting? They are already available for purchase on store shelves, unlike many exciting announcements that then decide to break our hearts and tell us that something is about to come out in the near future and then leaves us waiting around anxiously with no end date.

The cookies themselves in this special edition aren’t the chocolate ones, and in fact are actually graham cookies. The cream between the two cookies is half chocolate and half peanut butter, and although reviews so far have been mixed, we’ve got to try them for ourselves!

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