People Who Make Important Life Announcements In Hilarious Ways
Marc Gordon - July 22, 2019

Although it’s always exciting and emotional to see an engagement or pregnancy announcement on social media, after seeing so many, one after the other to no end, we can’t help but gag over them, rushing to close our browser as fast as possible. Perhaps part of it is jealousy, but another big aspect of it is that they are just so overdone, and many of them are exactly the same.  In turn, people have started to get more and more creative with their life event announcements, trying to be as funny and as cute as can be. While all of this is wonderful, some people have taken this concept a step too far, and here are the awkward, yet epic results.


Ice Ice Baby



Well isn’t this adorable, totally original and hilarious? Way to go guys! We absolutely love how you thought out of the box and actually went to the effort of going to the gas station of buying two bags of ice to make sure that your pregnancy announcement was the best one yet. That’s a real investment, and no one will be closing their browser on you. This surely deserves to go viral, and these two really deserve couple of the year.


Come On Top Of Me



While this newly engaged couple probably didn’t intend to have a hilarious engagement announcement in the newspaper, somehow it just worked out that way. Perhaps it has something to do with their epic last names that just so perfectly go together. If you haven’t yet gotten the joke, have a second look at both of their last names and be sure to read them both out loud, one after the other. Let’s hope she never takes his name, because we need things to stay this way for a happy marriage.


Spot On



What we love about this pregnancy announcement is that it’s completely no frills, no photoshop, no editing, no fluffing anything. It says it exactly how it is, and shows the other side of the equation, what goes on behind closed doors. This announcement surely won’t have any of us feeling bad about ourselves or jealous of this couple, which is the main reason that we really appreciate it. Let’s just hope his wife approved him sharing this on Facebook.


Game Over



In this highly original and comical engagement announcement, this happy couple shows that the game is officially over. There’s no more fight to be put up, and she’s chosen the best brother of the two.  While the other brother was all dressed up for the occasion and seems rather bummed out at her choice, we’re sure he will be happy for them on their big day.  If not, well then he will surely just trick her into believing he’s the one she chose.


What’s Cooking



What’s cooking good looking? Actually there’s nothing edible in the oven, so that’s kind of a buzz kill in all honesty, but otherwise, this pregnancy announcement is pretty epic in a special kind of way. Perhaps they took things a step too far, but we’re sure they just didn’t want to bore their friends with another standard announcement. As long as they bring some pie or something else delicious to the baby shower we will forgive them.


Time’s Up



Sorry Hazel, but your time is up. You’ve had a good run over here, living rent-free in the crib paid for by your loving parents, but there is someone new in town who is just slightly more important than you at this time. We’re sorry, it’s not personal, it’s just the way it is darling. Here is your eviction notice! We’ve given you enough time in advance to clear out and find a new space. Epic announcement – way to go guys.


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