Perfect Examples Of Why Women Live Longer Than Men
Andrew Parker - July 8, 2019

Statistics throughout history have shown that women in fact live longer than men, even in the most severe of conditions.  Although the causes are still unknown, one popular theory as to why this happens is that men are twice as likely than women to take risks, and here’s some seriously hilarious proof of that…. 


When you seriously count on your friends.



We’re all for counting on your friends to be there for you, and to help you out when in need. Women, in fact are just like that too. But in most cases, women at least know where to draw line, and in general, can put on their pants all by themselves without jumping from a high and dangerous place.


When you’ve had enough of those dirty windows.



Dirty windows can be pretty frustrating, especially when it’s from the inside, or when it’s preventing you from seeing what’s going on outdoors. But most of us probably wouldn’t have been so bold to clean it in such a way.  Safety for men, apparently does not come first.


When your hair comes first.



Helmets in general are made in order to protect the head from any hard falls, or anything else that may be of danger to it. Some people, however, men to be precise, feel that there are other things more important than protecting their head, such as their hair. Well,  wishing you the best of luck.


When you try to be cutting edge.



Men are all about proving themselves to be worthy and manly. And with so much competition out there, sometimes they feel the need to do something out of the box to show how talented, creative, and courageous they are. Even if it may come with the price of their life.


When you’re all about team work.



Team work is great! Well, that is, when you know how to actually work well together. In this case though? It seems as though their collaboration is only causing problems.


When you’re caught sleeping on the job.



Being a construction worker can be a seriously tough job, especially a tiring one.  So much so in fact, that some men actually just fall asleep on the job anywhere that they can fit. Well, sweet dreams over there.


When you feel the need to make your mark.



Some people (men, specifically) feel the need to make their mark wherever they go, and are not willing to give up on, no matter how many men it may take and how dangerous it may be.


When you think only about the present moment.



Some people think only about the present moment. Like this guy who decided that it would be most comfortable to sit down and drill on his leg. Well, it doesn’t look to promising once he gets a little deeper.


When you’re too tired to care about anything.



Sometimes, we just get so tired, that it doesn’t matter where, when and what – as long as we’ve got our eyes closed, we’re happy. Some men just couldn’t care less.


When you think you’ve got a hold of things.



Well, some guys think that they’ve got a hold of things, and that they can take control of the situation at hand. This guy literally is holding things, but we’re not sure he’s figuratively got things down.  It’s looking seriously heavy and less than sturdy.


When you combine yoga with being a handyman.



Being a handyman is always great and is always appreciated around the house. It’s also always nice to see a man that’s into taking care of himself and practicing yoga. But when the two of them together, although perhaps efficient, we’re not too sure if he’s really taking care of himself at this point.


When you can’t find a long enough ladder.



What do you do when you don’t have a long enough ladder to make it to the third floor? Not this, that’s for sure. Well, let’s just hope that these guys have some serious strength and that they know what their doing! Anything for air conditioning in the summer right?


When you trust your friend way too much.



We’re all for friendship and for being there for your friends and counting on them. But sometimes? People seem to trust their friends just a little too much, especially men. So much so that sometimes it even leads to near death experiences.


When you just couldn’t care any less.



It seems as though this guy knows exactly what was going on, and somehow just couldn’t have cared any less. Well, probably someone at home cares about him and wouldn’t be too happy to see what’s going on right now. Men.


When you can’t find a good table.



Was there really nowhere else nearby that could have served as a better table? Even so, using a chain saw on someones back, regardless of what a good table it may have made just doesn’t seem worth it whatsoever.


When you’re looking for a mind blowing experience.



Some of us, especially men are always looking for the next big thing. For something exciting and something that will blow their mind. Well these guys are literally about to have their minds blown.


When you can’t find a good enough step ladder.



We’re really not too sure how good of an idea this is, to have two guys just holding the ladder up on an awkward angle. Well, let’s hope they had their morning coffee already and are fully alert.


When you forget how electricity works.



This is what it looks like when a group of guys forget how electricity works. They were probably sleeping through class and never listened to their parents. Well, karma can be real harsh. Have fun swimming guys!


When there was no ‘after’ picture.



It’s safe to assume that these guys did not take an after picture of this unfortunate event. Well, perhaps they should have thought twice before throwing a sofa of the ledge in such a way. We’re also not too sure why they needed to be waiting down there to catch it.


When you wake up and decide to be an electric worker.



So it’s totally normal to just wake up one morning and decide that you want to be electrical worker, right? Then you realize that it’s more complicated than you thought, so you decide to just climb up and hope for the best.


When you believe in yourself too much.



We’re all for self-confidence and believing in yourself. But sometimes, you’ve also got to know your limits and where to draw the line, especially when your own life is on the line.


When you try to save on a mover.



Cost efficient methods are generally highly encouraged and can be super helpful. Sometimes though, men don’t realize that they are actually putting their lives at risk to save some money. They don’t realize that in such a case, the money they saved won’t even go to them if there aren’t here to enjoy it.


When you take creativity too far.



Creativity is always (well, not always) great and comes in handy when you have no other options. People who know how make lemonade with lemons are thought to be seriously smart and good to have around.  But in some cases, such as this one, creativity screams danger, especially when it’s a man doing it.


When you decide to take hanging out to the next level.



Hanging out with your friends is a highly encouraged and healthy activity that everyone should do more often.  But there’s really no need to take things any further and hang off of your friends.  Men, though, somehow often feel this need.


When you want to be a superhero but aren’t.



Most men want to be superheroes and prove how manly, great and talented they are. Sometimes though, this can come at the large cost of their own lives, or at the very least – some of their precious body parts.


When you trust yourself a little too much.



Sometimes, believing in yourself is not the best idea. Even if you’ve got great balance and fast reactions, this really looks far from safe, and not worth the risk at all.


When you’re looking for some love and affection.



We’re sure that this guy is not the only one out there that’s feeling lonely and wishing he had a nice woman to hug and feel some love and affection from. But trying to obtain this from the air conditioner? Not only do we find it hard to believe that this will cut it, but this may also be the end of him.


When you have no idea what’s going on.



This guy clearly has no idea what the heck is going on around him, because if he did, he surely would not still be smiling this much. Let’s hope he lives to see the picture.


When you’ve totally lost your mind for a chair.



While a new chair is always nice and exciting to have in your house, and what price are you willing to pay to have it? These guys surely thought a very high one was worth it.


When you decide to save on fuel.



So you get a motorcycle instead of a car to save on gas costs? Ok, cool, that sounds normal and fair enough. But when it comes to carrying big items, this is not normal at all. Get a mover at the very least!



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