Perfect Examples Of Why Women Live Longer Than Men
Andrew Parker - July 8, 2019

Statistics throughout history have shown that women in fact live longer than men, even in the most severe of conditions.  Although the causes are still unknown, one popular theory as to why this happens is that men are twice as likely than women to take risks, and here’s some seriously hilarious proof of that…. 


When you seriously count on your friends.



We’re all for counting on your friends to be there for you, and to help you out when in need. Women, in fact are just like that too. But in most cases, women at least know where to draw line, and in general, can put on their pants all by themselves without jumping from a high and dangerous place.


When you’ve had enough of those dirty windows.



Dirty windows can be pretty frustrating, especially when it’s from the inside, or when it’s preventing you from seeing what’s going on outdoors. But most of us probably wouldn’t have been so bold to clean it in such a way.  Safety for men, apparently does not come first.


When your hair comes first.



Helmets in general are made in order to protect the head from any hard falls, or anything else that may be of danger to it. Some people, however, men to be precise, feel that there are other things more important than protecting their head, such as their hair. Well,  wishing you the best of luck.


When you try to be cutting edge.



Men are all about proving themselves to be worthy and manly. And with so much competition out there, sometimes they feel the need to do something out of the box to show how talented, creative, and courageous they are. Even if it may come with the price of their life.