Pete Davidson Got Stuck Paying Kim And Kanye’s Expensive Dinner Bill
Andrew Parker - April 23, 2019

If you go out to dinner with the worlds hottest celebrities, you might want to check ahead of time who is going to pick up the tab. That was the lesson Pete Davidson learned a few weeks ago following his experience dining with Hollywood’s elite. Davidson revealed on both The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and during a segment of Vanity Fair’s Take a Lie Detector Test with Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly.

The Saturday Night Live comedian explained how he ended up covering the bill for a very expensive dinner at Nobu Malibu. For those who are not rich enough to frequent Nobu Malibu, allow us to explain the type of restaurant it is. Iron Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s self-named restaurant is a modern, beachfront space featuring all sorts of tasty (and ridiculously expensive) Japanese delicacies.

Kid Cudi invited Pete Davidson and Timothée Chalamet to celebrate his birthday at Nobu. Pete wanted to buy his friend dinner so he got to the restaurant early to hand his credit card to the waiter. He figured it was going to be just the three of them, joking everybody there is “skinny” so how much could they possibly eat? That’s when Kid Cudi announced, “Hey, Kim and Kanye might come by.” Pete says to Cudi, “That would be awesome!” And then it hit him: he has to cover the bill for Kim and Kanye. “And then I was like…oh no.” He knew his wallet was in trouble then!

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Pete continued the story saying, “So they come by, and we’re outside. And Kanye goes, ‘Let’s get the SPECIAL room in the back.’ So we’re sitting there, and I was texting my touring agent, like, ‘Yo, we gotta book more shows.” When Kanye ordered, poor Pete almost had a heart attack. Kanye told the waiter, “I want that stuff that’s not even on the menu. That CRAZY stuff.” According to the comedian, the group dined on “a bunch of rich people stuff” with Kayne ordering the most expensive dishes, apparently.

But it was too late. Pete had given his credit card already to the server earlier, so there was no going back. He was stuck footing the bill. “[The bill] actually wasn’t as bad as you would think, but it’s not like Applebee’s. It’s Nobu, which is like 77 Applebee’s.”

What a hilarious story! You’re a sport, Pete, and a true friend!

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