Petroleum Jelly Beauty Hacks
Laura Lee - June 23, 2022

Winters are the season in which we all suffer from skin damage. At times our skin feels so rough that it is extremely difficult to reverse the moisture level. However, with a little care and more effort, you can reverse the damage. Vaseline is considered to be a lip moisture therapy however it is a complete solution to all the lack of moisture struggles.

Many people are conflicted that vaseline can only be used as a hand cream however you will be astonished by the way vaseline can be used for multiple purposes. If you feel like your hair growth over eyebrows and eyelashes is decreasing- just add vaseline into your nighttime routine. Coat your eyelashes and eyebrows in a thin layer of vaseline, this will help you not only moisturize your hair follicles. This will allow your hair follicles to increase protein production in the process. You can also use the vaseline to moisturize your lips which will help you get over all the dry and chapped lips. Many people invest in expensive products but you can just use your favorite petroleum jelly and you are good to go.

Furthermore, vaseline can also be used as an amazing makeup hack. You can use this to mix multiple pigments. These pigments can then be used as a lipstick or an eyeshadow. You can also top off your lipstick with a dab of petroleum jelly to give that glowy look. This will help you to invest in other makeup products rather than this. Moreover, a lesser-known hack is to use petroleum jelly as a highlighter. It gives a very subtle yet natural glow. Many people complain that the highlighter they use contains chunky glitter while if you use vaseline it gives a very natural glowy feel to your skin and the overall makeup.

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