Pizza Hut Pie Top Sneakers
Claire Miles - February 25, 2018

We can’t believe the latest thing that Pizza Hut has come out with, and it’s even more exciting than a new pizza flavor.  It’s the new Pizza Hut Pie Tops II, high-top shoes that have a button that actually orders pizza for you.  Would you like to be pinched right now? You’re not dreaming.

It’s safe to say that they work quite well.  The shoes come in two varieties, either red, similar to pizza sauce, or wheat, similar to pizza crust, of course.  According to users, pizza ordered from their pie tops is delivered within 20 minutes.  Grocery stores should be warned that sales are about to way, way down.  If you’re lucky enough to get a pair of these legendary sneakers, here’s how they work.

Don’t worry, it’s very simple. When it comes to pizza, ain’t nobody got time to waste. Log into the Pizza Hut website and make yourself an account with all of your payment details.  Once your account is set up, download the Pie Tops apps. 2018, people, 2018.

Sign into the app and connect it to your Bluetooth to pair it with your shoes. Really.  Once they connect, you’ll find a screen on the tongue of your shoes that allows you to decide how your button will work.  It can be set to either one press, two presses, or that the button must be held down for your order to begin.  Perfect for those that lack impulse control.

From there, you can choose two types of medium pizzas to order and make your cheesiest dreams come true.  Hopefully the next version of Pizza Hut sneakers will also pay for the pizza’s too.

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