Pokemon Sugar Cookie Dough
Claire Miles - January 2, 2019

Pokemon, ever since 2010, has become ’90s all over again.  So it would only make sense that the Pokemon revival began in 2016 with Pokemon Go and has only seen success since.  The app is still running in full throttle,  and Nintendo Switch also has no shortage of new Pokemon themed games…

But now, the latest Pokemon revival is coming out in the most delicious form yet: sugar cookie dough that comes into shapes inspired by the legendary card game and television series (and somewhat religion).

Thanks to Pillsbury, you can now make you entire home smell just like elementary school when your evil teachers punished you for trading cards during class.  The cookies come in pre-cut packages of 24, with half of them in the shape of Pokeballs and the rest in the shape of our favorite electric yellow mouse.

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