Polaroid Originals ’96 Cam Is Throwing It Back
Andrew Parker - April 8, 2018

You’ve probably seen no shortage of Instagram pictures that seem as vintage as your parents as children. These epic pictures are the work of the Huji Cam, available in the app store. It’s the latest trend that promises that your all of your pictures will look like they came straight from 1998.  It makes selfies appear as though they were taken by a disposable camera.  Huji is only one of the many companies that are answering our craving for ’90s nostalgia.  Such apps are easy to use and access, but if you want the full ’90s selfie experience, then Polaroid Originals ’96 cam is your answer.

The camera is a limited edition re-release of the traditional Polaroid camera, the one that your parents actually used to snap your birth.  These vintage cameras have been remodeled, and are  available in colorful and bold patterns that scream ’90s fashion.  You’ve got the choice between a pink, yellow, and aqua scheme, or a more primary-colored outfit color scheme to take you right back to your first grade class.

Polaroid has revealed that the idea of re-releasing the camera was from a desire to help people remember the magic of photography, and that an analog instant camera is much more valued than something inside a screen.  5,000 chemical reactions take place every time the shutter clicks and creates a photo that cannot be reproduced.

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