Pop-Tarts Crunch Is Coming Back
Laura Lee - August 26, 2018

For those that were fortunate enough to be alive in 1994 or 1995, they surely know that the only thing that truly mattered was Pop-Tarts Crunch cereal.  Although it only lasted for two years, those years were golden and we’ve been craving it ever since…

It came in two varieties, Strawberry and Brown Sugar, and honestly they are both equally as mouthwatering. It was pretty much like having a giant bowl of Pop-Tarts, and we literally couldn’t dream up anything any better.

They were the most popular breakfast food, mainly because it was a way for us to trick our parents into allowing us to have massive amounts of sugar every morning.  We quickly fell deeply in love, and then all of a sudden it was taken away from us.

Well, after Kellogg’s made the biggest mistake in the history of cereal, they’ve redeemed themselves by deciding to bring it back 25 years later.

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