Primark Now Has A Nickelodeon Line
Claire Miles - January 5, 2018

Now is the time to rejoice, ’90s children. Primark has released a new line that will you oh so nostalgic which was fully inspired by old-school Nickelodeon shows.  They revealed their new items with two Instagram posts.  The first was a snap of their epic Rugrats pajamas, with a black vest written on it Old School  with images of our favorite Rugrats characters.

The pajama shorts with the faces of Angelica, Chucky and Reptar.  Together with this set, Primark has also introduced Rugrats themed socks. They are also selling a ’90s children’s shirt, with Tommy and Chucky being chased by Reptar.

There is also some CatDog and Hey Arnold! socks which come in back. We will of course be purchasing a pair of each.

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