Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reportedly Might Be Moving to Africa
Marc Gordon - April 25, 2019

It’s quite a busy time for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle right now. They are preparing for the birth of their first child and apparently contemplating a major move. Two reporters with The Sunday Times, Tim Shipman and Roya Nikkhah, said, “Courtiers have drawn up plans to hand the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a major international job that could see them moving abroad after the birth of their child.”

The royal couple’s destination? The Sunday Times reports that it would likely be Africa!

A source who spoke to the paper said, “Discussions are at an early stage, but the plan is to find a new way of using their soft power abilities, most likely in Africa.” Sir David Manning, the former British ambassador to the U.S. and special adviser on constitutional and international affairs to both Prince Harry and Prince William, is in charge of the plan.

Insiders speculate the big move would occur sometime in 2020. Reportedly, the couple wouldn’t stay there forever. The family would live in Africa for two or three years. While there they would continue their charitable initiatives and promote the United Kingdom. A source told The Sunday Times said, “There have been various ideas floated for them to take on a job abroad, such as governor-general of Australia or Canada, wherever.”

Meghan and Harry have a connection to Africa, They fell in love during a trip to Botswana in 2016 and spent their honeymoon in East Africa. The palace, however, is remaining tight-lipped about any concrete plans. Kensington Palace officials released a statement saying, “Any future plans for the Duke and Duchess are speculative at this stage. No decisions have been taken about future roles. The Duke will continue to fulfill his role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.”

The statement is not in any way a straight up denial to the claim. They could be moving anywhere, maybe it’s all just rumor and won’t turn into anything. Either way, there is a big, bright future brewing for the family and we’re all excited to watch their family’s adventures!

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