Princess Diana’s Best Fashion Moments
Laura Lee - December 19, 2021

Princess Diana’s fashion moments were the talk of the world when she was alive and to this day they are still talked about. She was truly a fashion icon, breaking rules with her sense of glamour and style. Her legacy is still alive and people all over the world love Diana for her sense of fashion. Princess Diana’s style was always under scrutiny and every time she stepped out of the house people would gossip about her clothes. The press loved it but her Majesty wasn’t too fond of that kind of media exposure. When she became a mother Diana didn’t have time to care about fashion anymore, she had to dress modestly and even her outfits from her pre-pregnancy time were criticized.

Getty Images/AFP/Johnny Eggitt

On official occasions, Princess Diana always wore gowns that showed her sense of fashion, but she also dressed very elegantly when on private visits like this one with President Mandela of South Africa. Her trademark big hats were always loved by the press and her fans worldwide. Diana’s love for high fashion designers was well known and she loved wearing designs from people like Catherine Walker who designed a wonderful dress that Diana wore on an official visit to the Far East. The Princess of Wales was a fashion icon of the modern age and continues to be. Passionate about clothes ever since her marriage to Prince Charles, Diana proved to be an outstanding ambassador of every aspect of the magazine industry.

She has appeared in outfits designed by famous British designers like Zandra Rhodes, Jean Muir, John Bates and Bill Pashley. In the United States, she donned creations from the likes of Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, and Betsey Johnson. Her style has been copied the world over by millions of modern women who recognize in her an extraordinary woman capable of understanding their most intimate desires and dreams. While her style evolved over many years, the one thing that remained was total elegance. She also helped the world remember that beauty is not skin deep, especially in her iconic 1995 BBC interview, when she famously said “I think you can be marvelously polite and still get your point across. People are intrigued because what I was doing was so different to anything anyone had seen before. It was a new way of being. I think people were intrigued because they couldn’t categorize it. It wasn’t the done thing.”

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