Remembering Robin Williams
Alexandra Wade - June 13, 2018

Robin Wiliams is surely one the most legendary and loved actors of all time.  His brain was always running on another level, one that none of us would ever reach or understand.  His incredible wit and hilarious endless impressions made him as iconic as he is, and we will never forget him.

The trailer for the documentary about Williams has just been released, and it’s made all of us completely emotional. It’s called Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind and was in fact made prior to his passing in 2014. It made by Williams himself and focuses on his life, career and various inspirations that made him the man he was.

Many of his good friends are interviewed such as Steve Martin, Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal, and they all open up about their feelings about Williams.  The clips shown in the trainer bring back so much nostalgic memories of his unique and genius humor.

However, the interviews reveal that things were not exactly as they appeared on stage. Martin shares that he was always just holding himself together. Williams evens reveals that he always worried about being abandoned, and has affected the way he dealt with life. This is what led him to always try to be funny, it was his was of communicating.   Williams believed that we are all driven by a deep secret, and talks about his drug addiction.

Williams son, Zachary took part in the documentary as well, revealing that his father never felt successful.  Although Williams was struggling, he made so many people across the world feel so much joy.

The documentary will premiere on July 16th, and we will surely be watching to learn more about this legend.

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