Remembering The Founder Of Toys ‘R’ Us
Claire Miles - March 29, 2018

A trip to Toys ‘R’s Us was legit one of the greatest childhood experiences. We would run through the sliding doors, grab a cart and throw anything and everything in it, begging our parents to buy it all for us.


This magical and expensive experience was made possible by Charles Lazarus, the founder of Toys ‘R’Us. Ever since he opened his first store in 1948, the company has only grown. Well, up until very recently.  The very first toy store he opened was named Children’s Bargain Town. With a baby boom, he quickly understood that a lot more toys would be needed.


In 1957 he opened the very first Toy ‘R’Us location in Maryland.  The company unfortunately announced that all of it’s stores will be closing.  Things got more devastating when they announced that Charles Lazarus has passed away.   His passion and love for children and positive energy will always be remembered.  Fans of the store have many sweet things to say about both Charles and their favorite store.



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