Revamping Your Wardrobe
Rachel Jones - June 20, 2023

Day after day, you get up and try to look good during your upcoming day, which isn’t always difficult because you have a useful set of trusty outfits you can fall back on. But it’s been months of you reusing those outfits, repeating the same looks over and over again. You get less compliments everytime you go to work or school because the people close to you have seen you look the same for a very long time. So, now that you want to revamp your closet, how exactly do you go about it?

One of the first things is by forcing yourself to be creative with what clothes you’re pairing together. Yes, that tea pink blouse looks great with those formal black pants, but can they look pretty with anything else? Try to identify clothes that you rarely reach for, things that you loved when you bought, but can’t match with anything else now. Now try pairing that with one piece from another outfit, maybe you’ll find that the tea pink blouse might work out well with a neutral pair of pants. Chances are, you mostly wear the things that have worked out for you consistently, which means that you can discover more clothes if you just start digging in your wardrobe.

Getty Images/ DigitalVision/ Justin Lambert

However, when you exhaust your wardrobe, it might be time to start looking for new clothes. You don’t have to begin by browsing the mall though, you could actually try borrowing clothes from your friends. This will help you explore a lot of different clothing styles that you wouldn’t have necessarily tried otherwise. Once you’ve discovered new styles that you would want to buy, you can then go shopping. Now, you can expand your wardrobe while being sustainable and conscious of what you actually prefer, so that you don’t end up impulsively buying clothes.

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