Rice Water Hacks
Claire Miles - September 30, 2022

Korean skincare and beauty hacks have been known except for their skincare industry. The skincare industry has been beaming with success after it launched its products in the international market. The American Skincare industry has been in constant competition with the world since the arrival of Korean Skincare as it is not at all harsh.

Korean skincare then introduced the concept of Rice Water. Rice water has been known to improve skin elasticity and improve overall skin texture. Rice water is essentially made after the rice is soaked and boiled. The residue of cooked rice is then left in the sun to increase the starch concentration. This can be applied to skin and hair for its benefits. Many women from Japan, Korea, and South East Asia are known to use this water for centuries but is it actually helpful? Rice water does not only contain starch but is a perfect blend of many minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. These include vitamins B, E, and amino acids.

Many historians say that women in Japan had floor-length hair and they maintained that by applying rice water. Recently, there are many villages in China that currently follow the trend and claim rice water as the means of good hair growth. This got viral as it took the internet by storm.

The rice water is known to detangle your hair exceptionally well. It is a known hack to avoid backcombing but if you ever do try detangling with rice water as it will remove all the knots. Research conducted in Japan talks about how rice water contains huge amounts of inositol which is known to strengthen the hair. Spraying off cool rice water may calm your skin irritation and cleanse your pores. Moreover, it is also known to improve elastin production.

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