Rihanna Let Her Pimple “Shine” In Her First Selfie Of 2020
Claire Miles - January 15, 2020

Of course Rihanna’s first selfie of 2020 is already the most talked-about post in the history of 2020. Rihanna, a flawless human, posted a selfie completely makeup-free and a pimple. Yes, even RiRi gets one from time to time. She appeared to be glowing with happiness in the photo which she shared on Twitter and Instagram.

On Instagram, people began freaking out. Seriously, one person even commented, “Let me pop your pimple.” Rihanna came back with the best response.

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The queen has spoken. Seriously, anytime you get a pimple now aren’t you going to think of Rihanna and not use so much cover-up? Just walking around saying “let my pimple shine!”

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