Roseanne’s Reboot Canceled
Andrew Parker - June 9, 2018

Unfortunately, the show that many of us have been going crazy over has in fact been canceled, due to some personal statements made by the star, Roseanne Barr.

Barr, on May 29th made a racist comment about Valerie Jarrett, former President Obama’s adviser.  Although by now she’s famous for her controversial tweets, she really crossed the line this time.

Since all the comments she’s been getting, she deleted the tweet and officially apologized, saying it was a bad joke.  However, the ABC network where her reboot was about to air, was less than amused by her ‘joke’. 

In her statement, she apologizes to Jarrett and to all of America. She asks for forgiveness, admitting that her joke was in poor taste.  In most cases, ABC tends to ignore her tweets, however this time they could not simply let is slide. The people working on the show were not going to stand for this unacceptable behavior.

Even before the show was cancelled, the consulting producer, Wanda Skyes did not agree to continue with the show due Barr’s behavior.  Even Barr’s TV daughter Sara Gilbert, also known as Darlene responded to her tweet as abhorrent. 

It was no easy decision for anyone, especially after having creating a show they are so proud of and that so many fans adore.  Immediately following statements from the cast, ABC revealed that the show will be cancelled right away.

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