Rugrats Monopoly Game
Laura Lee - November 16, 2018

The True Meaning Of Life

By Pat A. FlemingPublished: July 2017

The Years have passed by,
In the blink of an eye,
Moments of sadness,
And joy have flown by.

People I loved,
Have come and have gone,
But the world never stopped,
And we all carried on.

Life wasn't easy,
And the struggles were there,
Filled with times that it mattered,
Times I just didn't care.

I stood on my own,
And I still found my way,
Through some nights filled with tears,
And the dawn of new days.

And now with old age,
It's become very clear,
Things I once found important,
Were not why I was here.

And how many things,
That I managed to buy,
Were never what made me,
Feel better inside.

And the worries and fears,
That plagued me each day,
In the end of it all,
Would just fade away.

But how much I reached out,
To others when needed,
Would be the true measure,
Of how I succeeded.

And how much I shared,
Of my soul and my heart,
Would ultimately be,
What set me apart.

And what's really important,
Is my opinion of me,
And whether or not,
I'm the best I can be.

And how much more kindness,
And love I can show,
Before the Lord tells me,
It's my time to go.

Our favorite adventure seeking, toy breaking babies officially have their own board game!  Rugrats Monopoly is now a thing, and we are completely overloaded with feelings of nostalgia and joy, feeling like we’ve been transported back to the ’90s!

The entire game has been inspired by the iconic cartoon, with the board featuring the cutest picture of Angelica Pickles, Tommy Pickles, and Chuckie Finster right in the middle. There’s six metal pieces to chose from to play with, such as Cynthia, Angelica’s doll, and the family dog of the Pickle family. Spike too is of course a metal game piece.

Instead of the typical houses found in Monopoly games, players can build their properties through playhouses and baby gates, which are purchased with paper Reptar Bars, cooler than any standard dollar bill.

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