Ryan Reynolds Grown Up ‘Home Alone’ Movie
Marc Gordon - August 10, 2018

Believe it or not,  Ryan Reynolds is currently in the process of creating an all new Home Alone inspired movie.  But to make things clear, it’s not a reboot or even a sequel exactly. Rather,  what’s it’s doing is taking the overall plot of the original ’90s film of someone left behind, and turning it into an R-rated hilarious comedy.

Although Home Alone is one of the most iconic Christmas movies ever, this new movie will have a very different audience.  Reynolds is producing the film his production company, Maximum Effort and will be called Stoned Alone. 

According to sources, the plot will be a twenty-something year old looser who grows weed that misses his flight for his ski trip.  After smoking too much weed, he starts to think that people are trying to break into his house, but it turns out to be true, and he spends the majority of the movie trying to protect his house from the bulgars.

We’re not yet sure if Reynolds will play the role of the twenty year old, perhaps he will be a buglar. Either way, we’re super stocked!

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