Ryan Reynolds Wasn’t Given The Memo
Laura Lee - December 24, 2018

True friends are bound to make fun of you. If not, then who are they anyway?! Right?  The hilarious and hunky Hollywood trio, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhall and Ryan Reynolds recently got together at a Christmas party, but apparently one of these guys didn’t get the memo about what to wear….

That someone was unsurprisingly, the one and only, our adorable and innocent man, Ryan.  The actor posted a bunch of hilarious photos to his Instagram account together with his buddies, looking rather bummed out. Well, that’s because he showed up to the party all decked out in ugly Christmas gear, while his friends Jake and Hugh were dressed to impress in a slightly less festive way…

Jake and Hugh clearly enjoyed seeing their dear friend suffer, as we all probably would if we were in this situation.

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