Sephora Must-Haves
Laura Lee - May 25, 2023

There has always a time where we decide to splurge money on our makeup essentials. Sephora has been the place where you can find all makeup under one rooftop. You just have to visit the place and your beauty essentials are restocked. However, sephora is known to restock some of the high end makeup products. This article will talk about sephora products that you should be spending money on. Sephora even has a same day delivery that means if you are running for an event and your favorite product is nowhere to be found, sephora is at your rescue.

Nars Blushes are one of the most high end yet extremely well pigmented shades. They have a vast range of blush colors complementing most of the skin tones. The wide range includes shimmery and matte shades for whatever kind of product you prefer. Moreover, rare beauty by Selena Gomez has been making waves recently by its extremely pigmented blushes. This is a cream blush but is so highly pigmented that it allows the skin to breathe yet gives it the perfect color. Only one drop of that blush is enough to give the perfect flushed look. Moreover, the packaging of that blush is extremely intelling. It has a dropper kind of brush that allows the product to be equally divided and give that subtle yet beautiful shimmer and glow.

With the advent of campaigns that value all sizes and all colors, fenty beauty has been doing well massively. The makeup line has been designing products for darker skin shades. Fenty beauty is one of the initiators to ensure that women of color are truly celebrated and products that show their true skin color are available. Moreover, sephora even launches haircare and skincare products such as paula’s choice BHA solution.

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