Shoes in Outfits
Laura Lee - May 15, 2023

Shoes are an integral part of every outfit, whether it be the outfit you wear to an important meeting, or the ones you wear to a hangout session with friends. Outfits have become even more important in the world recently because we’re able to see what everyone else is also wearing on social media. Due to this, it’s become even more important to not neglect the different shoes you wear with every outfit. Depending on the pair of shoes, they could easily make or break the rest of the outfit, which means that people aren’t able to see how much effort you put into the rest of it.

One of the main ways you can pick out the right pair of shoes is by understanding whether it can fit into the dress code of the situation. If it is a laid back sort of gathering, then you could wear sandals. They’re a great way to finish off any outfit, and they come in a lot of variety, like whether you want them to have straps or whether you just want one thick strap in the front that can hold your foot down. You could also experiment with the colors you choose in the sandals. On the other hand, if the situation is a formal situation, it is generally more professional to wear heels or pumps.

Getty Images/ Moment/ MissKadri

Another major thing to consider is comfort. While looking good is important, walking on wet grass for hours in heels also isn’t ideal. To address this, you can try to think of the previous idea of dress codes and reflect on that more. For example, if you think an occasion is laidback and you can wear sandals, but you’ll have to walk around and socialize for several hours, maybe you could consider sandals with a thicker sole. They’re much more comfortable, but very importantly, are also very pleasant to look at.

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