Skorts Are Taking Over This Summer
Alexandra Wade - July 9, 2018

This summer has had plenty of trends that have taken over, however the skort craze is definitely the coolest.  If you’re not yet familiar with what a skort is, no worries. It’s a combination of shorts and a skirt, hence the name. Nifty huh?  It’s like a skirt that is dying to be a pair of shorts.

Anyway, they are making a serious comeback and we couldn’t be more pumped and ready.  Their prime time was in the ’90s, when basically every fashion trend came out.  But other than heart warming nostalgia factor that the skorts provide, they are also super practical and comfortable.

When you wear a mini skirt, it can be pretty embarrassing when it flies up or whenever you attempt to bend over.  Skorts will help avoid any of these less than pleasant situations while you shine your ’90s girl spirit.

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