Snapchat’s New Friendship Profile Feature
Andrew Parker - November 10, 2018

Happiness Is Fun

By Pauline Oliver

Happy is as happy does
When all is said and done
Truly being happy
Starts with having fun

Set those happiness endorphins free
To flood your stressed out brain
With lots of happy thoughts
To relax and ease the strain
Eat chocolate
And laugh-a-lot

Chew chilis hot and red
Wear bright colours instead

Keep a dog or a cat
Try yoga on a mat

Feel sunshine warm your being
Seek beauty for the seeing

Classical music wins by miles
Exchanging lots of smiles

That's how to raise your spirit
Lift your body and your mind
This daily dose of happiness
Is a pleasure - you will find.

Have you ever searched through your memories on Snapchat with the hopes of finding a hilarious photo that you and your bestie once shared? Well, we most certainly have, and it’s always a very time consuming and annoying process.

Well, thanks to Snapchat’s new feature, things just got a whole lot easier.  Friends are now able to find old content that they once shared. The new Friendship Profile feature allows friend groups to have a spot where all of their messages and Snaps can be saved.  It’s basically like a friendship home, and they are about to make every throwback Thursday post so much more epic.

According to Snapchat, each friendship profile includes videos, links, images, and Snaps that were shared between friends in a specific chat. It’s a great way to look back at old moments or to find important info that you might need.

The Friendship profile also has a feature that allows you to see your friends Snap Map location, which is super handy if you want to see where they are without opening the map and seeing everyone else’s location.