Socially Distant Date Ideas
Claire Miles - June 22, 2020

While just a few months ago, a first date was likely to be spent at a trendy bar or at a happening concert, possibly holding hands and getting close, things aren’t exactly the same in the dating world right now, to say the least. In fact, they aren’t exactly the same in the entire world right now. But that surely doesn’t mean that romance can’t exist and that you can’t have an exciting dating life while staying safe.  There is no shortage of cute things you can do on a first date that is within the rules of social distancing, meaning keeping at least 6 feet apart from others. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring a measuring tape to your date – just be sure to keep a safe, comfortable distance about around two arm’s length. 

So what are these creative socially distant date ideas? What about a picnic? It’s both romantic, affordable, and easy. Just be sure that you both bring your own picnic blanket and basket of some treats.  Spread out all your goodies in your local park (or wherever is permitted), and you’ve got yourself an epic 2020 date. If you and your date are feeling adventurous, you should consider even having a bake-off, and then seeing the results once you actually meet up. 

A Drive-In movie theater is also a super cute and easy socially distant date idea. Even if you don’t have an official one in your area, you can always make your own! All you’ll need is a laptop, popcorn and to both stay in your cars. Make sure you’ve also got a strong enough hotspot to get you through the movie, and that you roll the windows down so you can still feel like you’re together. There are also tons of other things you can do together during this time, depending on your taste. What about an outdoor sweat session, such as a run together or a strength workout? A hike is also a no-fail active, dynamic, and stress-free date idea.

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