Sonic’s Epic Summer Drinks
Laura Lee - June 4, 2020

When it comes to the Sonic Drive-In, it’s nothing short of absolutely epic and delicious. And while you’re probably already aware of this undeniable fact of life, they’ve recently added some new summer menu items, and we really couldn’t possibly be more excited for the sugar rush that’s about to come our way. So firstly, we’d like to discuss with you it’s new Brownie Batter Shake that seriously cannot be missed.  And on top of introducing this baby to our lives, they also were kind enough to bring back the Yellow Cake Batter Shake.  We’re ready to start slurping on these baked goods in the best form possible. 

These milkshakes are hand mixed by the fast-food chain, combining decadent chocolate brownies or yellow cake batter with traditional vanilla ice cream to create the most dreamy drive-in dessert yet. And if you’re trying to practice social distancing while indulging (all the power to you), then don’t worry – the Sonic Drive-In has got you covered with its contactless ordering system and in-app payment system. Does it get better than this?! We don’t think so really. For anyone that wants what’s inside of this baby without getting a shake, then that’s also an option and can also be purchased from any drive-in throughout the summer months! 

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And if you’re less into having a cake in your milkshake, that’s fine too. Sonic still has you covered with their Red Bull Summer Edition Watermelon Slush (yes, they brought back their Red Bull Slushies!). It may very well be the most energizing drink out there, more than several cups of morning java for that matter. This refreshing slush is also right in time for those hot summer days to keep us on our feet from dusk until dawn. So which Sonic summer drink are you getting? 

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