Space Jam Almost Had A Skateboarding Sequel
Claire Miles - January 12, 2019

Any kid that grew up in the ’90s has surely not only seen, but also absolutely loved Space Jam.  Chances are too that you’ve been wondering why they’ve never come out with a sequel, like many other epic nostalgic movies.

Well, in a recent tweet by skateboard legend Tony Hawk, he actually revealed that back in 2003, a sequel almost happened, and he was supposed to star in it. That was of course much before the 2019 sequel started to go into the works, and it was supposed to be called Skate Jam. 

Hawk reveals that due to the Looney Tunes Back in Action,  being discussed right around the same time, Warner Brothers put the skateboard project aside and the idea of Skate Jam was gone forever.  Although we of course adore the Looney Tunes too, it was never quite as popular as the basketball movie.

Well, the upcoming sequel of the movie was already feels like it was worth waiting the 23 years for, but due to Hawks tweet, we are still feeling super curious as to what could have been…..

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