Spice Up Your Life In This Airbnb
Claire Miles - June 19, 2019

Any ‘90s or ‘00s child was surely a huge fan of The Spice Girls, the iconic British girl band that stole all of our hearts back in the day. These talented and beautiful women were everywhere to be seen, from themed hats, to bobble head dolls and concerts that were sold-out months in advance; there was no comparison.


And despite how many years have passed, our love and appreciation for this group will never fade. Four out of five members of the group are still going strong, about to launch their United Kingdom stadium tour, with dedicated fans anxiously waiting to hear the group once again.


Even if you haven’t had the good fortune of scoring a ticket to one of their upcoming shows, thankfully their film is coming back to theaters. One of the absolute best parts of the movie however was without a doubt their tour bus (despite Victoria’s aggressive driving).


Well, you’ll be overjoyed to hear that you can now stay the night in that very same bus, and spice up your life in ways you never thought possible. The bus will be available for stays on the 14th and 15th of June during the group’s tour in London. The cost of the stay will be around $127 dollars, and only three guests can stay at a time, and must wear ‘90s inspired clothing.


Selfies are highly encouraged, and now is the time to get what you want, what you really, really want with this highly attractive airbnb listing.


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