Spotify Has A Time Capsule Playlist
Alexandra Wade - February 13, 2018

Spotify is here to satisfy all of your nostalgic needs with their Time Capsule playlist.  It’ll make you feel like you’re 12 years old all over again, but in the best way possible. You know without acne and awkward so called boyfriends.

Spotify will make you a personalized, two hour long playlist with the exact songs you need to travel back to your teenage period. The system decides which 30 songs it thinks you listened to back in the day when you were in your teens.  It’s the new and improved Daily Mix that is based on your streaming habits, and is usually quite accurate.

Apparently everyone loves to be reminded of their most embarrassing time period and about how much screamo music they once listened to.  And if you still listen to these songs, then that can create some extra awkwardness, but it’s alright.  The playlist is only available to those who are over 16 years old, so that they actually have something to be nostalgic about and is available in 60 of Spotify’s 61 markets.

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